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The members of the Communication Service of the Diocese of Bafang have been sent on mission. Reverend Father Theodore SIANDJE as the Director of this service, alongside, six other members were sent on special mission on Wednesday March 29th 2023, by His lordship Abraham KOME, Bishop of Bafang.

As a reminder, it was on the 19th August 2022, that the Bishop appointed the following members: Fathers: Theodore SIANDJE, Emmanuel BATOUMBECK, Chiperic MBOUBENOU , Rev. Sr. Etienne-Obong Emmanuel NDAH, Dr. Charlotte Tabi BESONG , Miss Merline KENGNE , and Miss Mirabelle MAZO, whom he judged proficient in serving in the Communication Service of the Diocese of Bafang.

After enlightening them on the roles of Christian communicators, the chief Shepherd encourages each one of them to be witnesses to the Faith that they profess: the faith of the church.

With this, His Lordship Bishop Abraham KOME blesses and sets the team on mission with the words of Matthew 28: 19-20 – “Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations…”

By Charlotte TABI BESONG

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